Amarapura lies on the left bank of the Ayarwaddy River in Mandalay division. Amarapura was the royal capital city of Myanmar during the KonBaung dynasty, now a township of Mandalay city. Amarapura is founded by King Bodawpaya in 1782 AD and the meaning of Amarapura is the city of immortality. Now Amarapura is a popular tourist day-trip destination from Man away. Amarapura is home to the famous U Bein bridge and can go as an easy day-trip from Mandalay.

U Bein Bridge is one of Myanmar’s most famous attractions and it was built over 150 years ago.U Bein Bridge is also the most highlight in Amarapura and is the world’s longest and oldest teak work footbridge, stretching 1.2km long across the Thaungtaman lake. U Bein bridge is so beautiful at any time of the day but is very beautiful and stunning at the sunset. A trip to U Bein bridge is highly recommended at sunset. The bridge is crowded with many people at the sunset. If you want to take a good picture at a good point, you should arrive one hour before sunset. U Bein bridge is popular with local sightseers and tourists. Many locals and tourists come to see the bridge, is also the livelihood for the native by offering the selling foods, boat rides and showing off the history of U Bein Bridge and Amapura. A bridge is famous not only for it’s longest but also the important part of the villagers daily life. The bridge is helping children to go to school, fishermen can catch in the lake and locals to reach important religious sites and markets. It’s worth to visit U Bein bridge and sometimes you can see children playing in the water near U Bein bridge.

The bagaya monastery also called Bagaya kyaung is an ancient teak monastery and the most memorable attractions of Inwa. It is one of the famous tourist’s attractions in Burma. The bagaya monastery is constructed entirely of teak and is a representation of the Amarapura palace. It is decorated with carvings, floral and the reliefs of birds and animals. You can see the impressive ancient arts and it’s worth to visit.

Another place is Amarapura palace, a royal palace of the king Bodawpaya in the old capital of Amarapura. It is containing tombs of King Bodawpaya and King Bagyidaw and the palace is ruined now.

Werawsana Jade Pagoda is also known as Jade Pagoda, one of the interesting and amazing places in Amarapura. It is the world’s first jade pagoda in Myanmar built entirely from jade. Jade is one of Myanmar’s semi-precious stones. The Jade Pagoda is 75 feet 6 inches high and 176 feet in circumference. Each terrace is 52 feet 6 inches long, 52 feet 6 inches broad and 12 feet high. The Jade Pagoda stands outside Amarapura, about 9 miles to the south.

Another place to visit in Amapura is Pahtotawgyi, Kyauttawgyi Pagoda and Maha ganayon kyaung, etc. Amarapura is also famous for the Silk Weaving Industry. Most of the Burmese people really love Achiek Longyi. mainly produced from Amarapura. Aamarapura is a peaceful town full of ancient pagodas and places to visit.